How nice of you to drop by!

Meeting artists, scientists and politicians brings about great inspiration and variety. I gain insights into the worlds of politics, economy, technology and entertainment. With every other job I do I get more and more experienced with the effects a speech or presentation may have on an audience and the reactions to be expected.

It is my ambition to gear my work according to the client's specific wishes and needs in his specific field of work / market and my 4 years of experience working as an area-director for a marketing-agency have indeed been very useful.

A great sense of confidence can be inspired in an audience by an appearance, which takes into consideration that specific audience and type of event, also by the choice of an adequate outfit and an authentically delivered lingo corresponding to the target group's habits of speech. In such manner emotions can be evoked effectively and an audience can be addressed with a lasting effect.

By the way, I receive my outfits through an endorsement by Nicowa, which has been my favourite brand since the days of my own modeling career …

Be it the bilingual hosting of a Soul festival with James Brown for an audience of 15.000, a management workshop for the top-managers of the Fifa, or an interview with Ilie Nastase, Aranxta and Emilio Sanchez for Head on the island of Mallorca, I love to place personalities as well as products into the centre of attention, by taking on different roles just like an actress.

In the beginning of my career as a host I did TV-commercials. Since then my most recent opportunities to work and take on different roles on TV were: an information feature for the DEVK, a major german insurance-company, interviewing people on the issue of retirement and pensions and an extrafeature for the DVD „Dirty-Dancing-Special-Edition“.

As music has always been a major interest of mine it will soon be my great pleasure, to deliver the Music-News for Radio Emsland twice a week.

Whenever I have the opportunity to bring in my background as a socialworker, like at the panel discussion about the EU eastward enlargement with Dr.Theo Waigel (former German Federal Minister of Finance, 1989-1998), or to serve a good purpose, by hosting a Live-Aid-Gala for streetkids in Argentina, it makes me really happy, because:
The most important thing is to be convinced, that we can change things…

In the two years of being on tour with the TV-chefs of Vox-Kochduell (daily German TV-show about cooking) as well as on the Eat’n Style Fairs, I have had the chance, to combine my hobby with my profession. A good dinner and the preparing of it with friends or family are something very sensual creating a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of security.

Since the age of twelve I have been breathing the air on stage and it has become my second home. Sharing the joy in my work with an audience by announcing a popular artist, hosting a controversial discussion about a topical subject or by arousing the spectators' curiosity for a new product is my ambition. For being able to do this, no distance could ever be too great for me.

For an international audience I can work in both languages, English and German.

See you soon…